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Set up Auto-Publishing for Instagram

Set up Auto-Publishing for Instagram

With Auto-Publishing, your Instagram posts will automatically be published to Instagram at the time you defined 🤩

Auto-publishing only works for Instagram Business Profiles and posts with maximum 10 photo or video.

To enable Auto-Publishing, make sure that you:

Have an Instagram Business Profile or convert to it. Learn how to convert your Instagram Profile to a Business Profile.
Connect your Instagram Business Profile to your Facebook Page. Learn more
Are either an Admin or an Editor of this Facebook Page. Learn more
Any pop-up blockers are off as you will have to log in to Facebook in a pop-up.

Set up Auto-Publishing

In the Levuro web app, go to the Settings by clicking the Settings icon on the top right.

In the left menu, click Workspace and Social Profiles.

In the list of connected social profiles, go to your Instagram profile, click on Choose how you would like to publish to Instagram*. Or click Details** and then click set up Auto-Publishing.

Follow the instructions in the modal window.

Now you are ready to Auto-Publish your Instagram posts!

Is there no pop-up opening? Make sure you have all your pop-up blockers turned off.

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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