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Auto-Publishing vs. Mobile Notification Publishing for Instagram posts

Your posts will automatically be published to Instagram at the time you defined.

Auto-publishing... only possible for Instagram Business Profiles.
..only works for posts with max. 10 photos or videos.

Learn how to set up Auto-Publishing.

If you currently have an Instagram Creator or Private Profile and you would like to use auto-publishing, switch your profile to Business.

Notification Publishing
Levuro sends you a push notification to the defined mobile phone(s) once it’s time to publish your Instagram post. By clicking on the notification on your phone, you will get redirected to the Instagram app. From there, you can easily publish your Instagram post with just a few clicks. Click here to learn more about notification publishing.

Notification publishing… needed to publish to Instagram Creator and Private Profiles. needed to publish Instagram stories to any profile.

To enable Notification Publishing you need to download the Levuro mobile app and the Instagram mobile app on your mobile device.
Learn how to set up Notification Publishing.
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