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Set up Mobile Notification Publishing for Instagram

Set up Mobile Notification Publishing for Instagram

With Mobile Notification Publishing, you receive a push notification on your mobile when it is time to publish your post.

You need to have the Instagram mobile app on your phone, in order to publish your post or story.

Mobile Notification Publishing is used for:

Posting several photos or videos on Instagram
Posting stories
All Instagram account: Business, Private, or Creator

Set up Mobile Notification Publishing

In the Levuro web app, go to the Settings by clicking the Settings icon on the top right.

In the left menu, click Workspace and Social Profiles

In the list of connected social profiles, go to your Instagram profile, click on Choose how you would like to publish to Instagram*. Or click Details** and then click Enable notification publishing

Follow the instructions in the modal window.

Download the Levuro mobile app on Google Play or the App Store. And sign in to the mobile app with your Levuro account.

You can send a test notification to your mobile to make sure it's working.

Now you are ready to publish your Instagram posts with your mobile!

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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