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How to use mention in Levuro

How to use mentions in Levuro

Mentions are available in the free plan

A mention is when you tag someone in your post caption by using the "@" symbol followed by their username. For example, if you wanted to mention your friend Sophie in a post, you would write "@sophie" in the caption.

Using mention on Levuro.

When you create a post in Levuro, you can use mentions with these social profiles:
Facebook Pages
LinkedIn Pages
Instagram Profiles (Business, Personal, and Creator)
Twitter account

Due to API restrictions for third-party tools like Levuro, it’s not possible to mention a Facebook Profile or Group or a LinkedIn Personal Profile.

From......can I mention......?
Facebook PageFacebook PagesYes
Facebook PageFacebook ProfilesNo
Facebook PageFacebook GroupsNo
Instagram BusinessInstagram BusinessYes
Instagram BusinessInstagram Personal/CreatorYes
Instagram Personal/CreatorInstagram Personal/CreatorYes
Instagram Personal/CreatorInstagram BusinessYes
Twitter ProfileTwitter ProfileYes
LinkedIn Company PageLinkedIn Company PageYes
LinkedIn Company PageLinkedIn Personal ProfileNo
LinkedIn Personal ProfileLinkedIn Personal ProfileNo
LinkedIn Personal ProfileLinkedIn Company PageYes
YouTube ProfileYouTube profileNo

How to add mention(s) to your post.

In the composer, type "@" followed by the profile name you would like to mention. A dropdown should appear with suggestions. You can select the profiles to mention from this list.

To mention a profile, type "@username"

Due to API limitations, this dropdown may have missing images. It's ok, you can still select the profile to mention.

How to avoid typos and mistakes when using mentions?

To ensure that you mention the correct profile and that you don't have any typos, click Post preview in the composer. You will see your mention(s) in blue, you can click on it, and it will open the profile you are mentioning.

Updated on: 28/06/2022

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