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Save time and publish/schedule to multiple profiles at once

Publish or schedule to multiple profiles at once

Save time and publish to multiple platforms at once. Create a generic post and customize it for each profile.

In the Levuro web app, click on the button Add new in the middle column, top right corner and select Post.

Add a new post

Select the profiles you would like to publish to and click Next. If you want to add more profiles, click Add more profiles on the top right.

Select the profiles you would like to publish to

Type your generic content, and add your media(s). You can also define the publishing time here if it's the same for all the profiles. Click Customize per profile.

Write your generic post and click Next to customize for each profile

Edit for each profile by clicking on the profile image. You can modify the text and the media and see the preview of the post. You can publish all your posts now or schedule them for later. Furthermore, you can also set a different scheduling time for each profile. Click Publish/schedule.

Edit for each profile

Updated on: 06/05/2022

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