What happens to my data if I downgrade my plan?

Your plan will be downgraded or canceled at the end of your billing period.

Depending on your plan, you are limited in the number of profiles you can connect or post you can publish. For example, if you have a Starter plan with five profiles connected, and you decide to downgrade to the Free plan, which only allows three social profiles to be connected, two of your profiles will be disabled.

You can see all the details for each plan in our pricing table.

Which data can be affected when I downgrade?
The number of connected profiles
The media storage space
The number of posts remaining this month (only for the Free plan)
The number of workspaces

Downgrading to a plan with fewer social profiles:
You will see a banner to indicate that you will only be able to use a limited number of profiles at the end of your billing period.
If you have too many profiles connected, they will be disabled. You can still choose which profiles you would like to use. Go to Settings and disconnect the profiles you don’t need.

Downgrading to a plan with less storage space:
If you are over the storage limit, your media will not be deleted, but you won’t be to upload any new media.
If you have reached the storage limit, you will need to delete some content to upload new media.

Downgrading to a plan with a limited number of posts:
Downgrading to the free plan will limit the number of posts you can publish (30 per month). If you already published 40 posts this month, you won’t be able to post any additional content for this month. The following month, you will be able to publish up to 30 posts.

Downgrading to a plan with a limited number of workspaces:
If you have several workspaces and downgrade to a plan with limited workspaces, you will have extra workspaces disabled. If the workspace you would like to use is disabled, contact us.
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