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What is Levuro?

Levuro is a Social Media Management Tool.
Users can schedule/publish posts to multiple social media platforms, view/download analytics, create live stream recordings and restream.

Goal of the beta user program

As we are redesigning our tool, we are looking for users that will use our product (web app and mobile app) regularly and give us feedback. Your participation helps us make a product that fits your needs. You will influence the development of our platform and have a real impact.

Benefits for you

You can use the tool for free and access all the premium features at no cost.
You have access to all the new features first.
Your feedback has a real impact and helps us shape the product.

How it works

You create your account and use the tool regularly, it can be for your personal use or work (or both).
You let us know if you find any bugs.
When a new feature is released, you'll receive an email to test it.
We have a casual remote video call every 2 weeks, so you can share your experience using the platform.

Apply to be a beta user

Tell us a little about yourself by filling out this form. We will contact you shortly to let you know if our beta user program is a good match for you and what the next steps are.


How can I join or leave the beta program?

To join the program, simply fill in this form. You will receive an email informing you if the beta program is a good match for you and the next steps.
You can leave the program anytime and decide if you want your account to be transferred to the free version of the platform or to be deleted.

What to do in case of issues?

You will have a dedicated person in the Levuro team whom you can contact directly if you have any issues.

How long will the beta program last?

Depending on your profile and availability, the program can last a few months or have an undetermined ending period.

How much time should I spend daily/weekly using Levuro?

It will depend on how often you post on social media. We do require that you use the platform regularly to be able to provide feedback.

How frequently will you send notifications/tasks?

You will receive an email when a new feature is released and needs testing. It can happen once every two weeks at most.

Updated on: 10/05/2022

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