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Troubleshooting Facebook Page reconnection

Troubleshooting Facebook Page reconnection

Make sure you grant all permissions, otherwise you may not be able to connect your Facebook Page to Levuro.

Missing access right to connect your Facebook Page

To connect a Facebook Page, you need to be an admin of this Facebook Page. Learn how to check if you are an admin in the Facebook help center.

If you are not an admin, you can request the person that is an admin to give you admin right. Once you are an admin, you can try again to connect your Facebook Page.

Remove Levuro from the Facebook app

A full removal of Levuro from the Facebook app, followed by its reconnection, may fix errors. Follow the steps below:

Log in to your Facebook.

Go to Settings & privacy > Settings > Security and login > Business Integrations and remove the Levuro app.

Follow the steps to connect your Facebook page.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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