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How to record a live stream from OBS Studio

Stream from OBS Studio to Levuro

You can record live streams from OBS Studio in Levuro

Steps to set up your Stream URL and Stream Key in OBS Studio

Generate a RTMP Recording Event in Levuro. This will generate a Stream URL and Stream KEY that you can save. You will then be able to use this Stream URL and Stream KEY in the Live stream settings of OBS Studio.

Set up RTMP Recording Event will show you Stream URL and Stream KEY

To access Stream URL and Stream KEY for scheduled recording events, just click on the 3 dots icon of your recording event and click Copy live stream link

Click "Copy live stream link" to access Stream URL and Stream KEY

Go to Settings in OBS Studio, select the tab Stream. In the field Service, select Custom.
Paste the Stream URL into the OBS field Server and paste the Stream KEY into the OBS field Stream Key.

Paste Stream URL and Stream KEY into OBS Studio

Your OBS Studio is now connected to Levuro ✨ .

To start the recording in advance, go back to Levuro and click on Start recording now. And in OBS, press Start Streaming to push the signal to Levuro.

Start Streaming from OBS Studio

Updated on: 10/06/2022

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