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How to re-stream

How to re-stream

From Levuro, you can re-stream your live stream recording to the following platforms:
Facebook Page

You can also use an RTMP URL to re-stream or YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or any other platform. Learn more in this article.

1. Add re-stream destinations.

You can plan in advance and connect your re-stream destination from your settings. This way, everything is ready when you want to go live!

In the Levuro web app, go to Settings by clicking the Settings icon on the top right.

In the left menu, select Re-stream and Destinations.

Connect your re-streaming platforms in advance

Click Add a re-stream destination.

Select the platform(s) you would like to connect to Levuro for re-streaming.

Connect your re-streaming platforms

You will see your connected platform displayed on the page.

Re-stream destinations

2. Re-stream a live stream recording.

During the set-up of your live stream recording, you will need to select the re-streaming option in order to be able to re-stream later on. Learn more about setting up a live stream recording.

Select the re-stream option during the set-up of your live stream recording.

in the Media tab, select the Live stream folder in the left menu.

Click on a live stream, a new page will open.

On the right section, select Re-stream.

Select your re-stream destination(s). You can also add a new re-stream destination.

For each profile, add a re-stream title, a description, and a thumbnail and click Go Live.

Click Go Live

On the re-stream monitoring page, you can end the re-stream for a specific profile or all of them.

Monitor your re-streaming

Updated on: 21/08/2022

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