How to modify a video tag in Live studio

A tag is a video that you can create from your live stream recording. You can define where it starts and end in the timeline. Tags can be used as a visual indication to see quickly important scenes in the timeline. You can also combine tags to create video clips.

Open your video with Live studio

To access Live Studio In the Levuro web app:

in the Media tab, select the Live stream folder in the left menu.

Click on a live stream, a new page will open.

On the right section, select Open in Live Studio.

You will see the tags displayed under the video timeline. Use the zoom out of your timeline to have an overview of all your tags.

Modify a tag

Under the timeline, click on the tag you would like to modify
Select the tag you want to modify

Your tag appear on the timeline, it has a blue border and overlay.

To modify the beginning/end of your video tag. Drag the timeline and place the new beginning/end of your tag on the time indicator, then press the set start/end icon.

Click update tag to modify your tag.

Rename a tag

In the list of created tag, hover the tag you want to rename, click on the pen icon.
Modify the tag name in the modal and click save.

Delete a tag

In the list of created tag, click on the delete icon on the right of the row.
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