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How to define and work with timezones

How to define and work with timezones

You can define a different timezone for each workspace.

Only admin and owner can change the workspace timezone.

How to change my timezone?

To change your workspace timezone:
Go to Settings.
Click on Workspace and Manage workspace.
You will see the section Workspace configuration with a dropdown to choose your timezone. Once selected click Save.

How is timezone displayed in Levuro?

You can see timezone indication in the feed view, the calendar view, and in the composer. If your timezone is different from the one defined in settings, it will be displayed in orange.

Timezone in the calendar view

Timezone different from the one defined in settings

When you create a post, you can see to which timezone you are posting in the time field.
Suppose your timezone is different from your workspace timezone. In that case, you will see an indication when hovering over the time field: the timezone of your workspace and the timezone of your country.

Timezone in composer

If I change my timezone, will it affect the timezone of the analytics I download?

Your timezone does not impact the analytics of your social media. On the file you download, analytics are always displayed using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Updated on: 11/07/2022

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