How to connect your Facebook page on Engage

In order to add your Facebook Page to Levuro Engage, you just need to follow a couple of simple steps.

Those are the steps you should do FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE:

Open the mobile app
Click on the Inbox button bottom right
Then, click on the Settings button, the gear one top right
Now, you have access to your Settings Section
Hit the Publishing Channels List and you'll have access to the full list of connected channels, as well as the Add New section below
Press on Facebook among the Add New section
At this point, just hit the Login with Facebook blue button below
Now, you'll be redirected to the Facebook Advanced Permissions section, where you have been asked to let Levuro Engage access your Page and App insights, to continue click Ok
After that, give your further permission to let Levuro Engage publish as Pages you manage by hitting Ok again
Finally, just choose the page you'd like to add and press on the Add channels green button

And those are the simple steps you should do FROM YOUR DESKTOP:

Go to your account
Click on Settings on the left dashboard
Press on the Publishing Channels section on the right
Now, you have access to your Connected Channels list, as well as the Add Channel section
Press on Facebook among the Add Channel section list
Now, press Login with Facebook, and you'll be automatically redirected to your Facebook Pages section
Finally, Facebook will ask you which Channel you want to Add: just choose it and confirm bottom right

Now your Facebook Page is connected to Levuro Engage!
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